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DCI clears the air on law regarding inheritance

By: IT Support September 23, 2019 no comments

DCI clears the air on law regarding inheritance

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) on Wednesday shed light on the law regarding inheritance and emphasized that there is no guarantee especially where murder is involved.

Through a series of tweets, the DCI stated that if a sane person murders another person he/she will not be entitled to any share in the estate of the murdered person.

Section 96(1) of the Law of Succession Act, CAP 160, Laws of Kenya…states: “Notwithstanding any provision of this Act, a person who, while sane, murders another person shall not be entitled directly or indirectly to any share in the estate of the murdered person, and the persons beneficially entitled to shares in the estate of the murdered person shall be ascertained as though the murderer had died immediately before the murdered person.”

This comes just a day after the wife of slain Dutch businessman Tob Cohen pleaded with the court to release her on bail to allow her to take part in a property dispute case.

Lawyer Philip Murgor told a court yesterday that Sarah Wairimu has a 50 percent stake in property jointly owned with Cohen and she needs to be out fighting for her rights.

The lawyer said his client’s Kitisuru house risked being grabbed because nobody was living there after police found Cohen’s body inside a water tank in the compound last Friday.

“Wairimu’s housekeepers were chased away after the body was retrieved,” claimed Murgor, even as he denied reports that the house had been handed over to Cohen’s sister.