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Negotiating and Regulatory Consultancy

Drafting of Regulatory Rules

Nairobi Stock Exchange Limited
The firm has recently through its representative served as a member of the Takeovers and Mergers Committee of the Nairobi Stock Exchange limited.

During this period the firm gained considerable experience in drafting regulatory rules, regulations and best practices for rules on Takeovers and Mergers and Substantial Acquisitions of Shares issued by the Nairobi Stock Exchange Limited.

The rules drafted and subsequently implemented dealt substantially with the following; nature and purpose of the rules; application of the rules; enforcement of the rules; purpose of the general principles; disciplinary proceedings; procedure before the exchange and appeals procedure before the appeals committee.

We have previously been engaged as International Trade Law and Negotiating Consultant Member of the Pool of Experts of the Kenya – European Union Post Lome Trade negotiation Support Programme (KEPLOTRADE II) in the Ministry of Trade, focusing on the following specialty areas:-
– Economic and Development Cooperation;
– Market Access issues – Intellectual Property Rights;
– Trade and Environment;
– Trade in Services;
– Trade Facilitation;
– Government Procurement in the context of WTO, EAP, Trade Agreements.